Choosing the Perfect Quilted Bag for Your Travel Needs and Lifestyle

Quilted bags are so versatile and are getting attention in the popular trendy favorites categories for women worldwide. You can use them as a gym bag, a carry-on during air travel, and as an everyday duffle-type handbag. Featured as a trendy fashion statement, the quilted bag is not only chic but most bags have a zippered closure to keep all your valuables inside.What you want to look for when buying a quilted bag is that the hardware connectors are sufficient to handle more than just lightweight contents. If the bag has leather straps, handles, or closures, make sure that the stitching feels solid so it will withstand years of use.The trend in women’s handbags is always at the top of the news for celebrities, and from the indications of the news announcements and buzz coming from top-name magazines, maybe you need to discover what all the fuss is about.When women are packing for a trip, whether it’s a road trip, flying to a remote destination, or even a trip to the gym, they always consider what handbags and accessories to bring along. With the new quilted handbag and tote collections offered by many designers, you’ll soon discover that the interiors of the bags are oftentimes as stunning as the exterior, and the bags are quite roomy, which allows for lots of space to accommodate all your essentials. In addition, if your quilted bag also contains a smaller bag that’s detachable for short shopping excursions or storing smaller items, that’s a definite bonus.Some women like to detach the smaller bag and use it as a clutch for the evening, or when just running to the store when all you need are your license, keys, plastic cards, and your phone. Practical yet elegant. Versatile yet classy.Another quality feature to look for is that when the top closure is unzipped, there’s actually room to access your personal items. If you’ve ever owned a handbag that didn’t allow more than your hand to get things in and out of the bag, you will definitely appreciate the forethought of any designer who thinks about the usability of an everyday bag.Besides having signature handbags in your own personal collection, you can also find such fun things as wallets, padfolios, wine totes, golf accessories and many other items that make thoughtful gifts. Some are made out of a quilted fabric, and some are just colorful and made out of materials that will last a very long time.One feature to consider when you’re buying a handbag for yourself or as a gift for someone special is to inquire if it’s possible to have the bag monogrammed. That truly makes your purchase more than special.Now you know a little more about choosing a quilted bag for your everyday use or when packing for a trip. Since quilted bags are so popular right now, you might want to consider how easily they adapt to the space under the seat in an airplane. Pretty to look at, lightweight, and adaptable to your lifestyle.

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